Perfect gift for the friend who loves to indulge and relax! Our deluxe box includes bath soak, body scrub, body oil, and a luxurious, scented candle to burn, along with some other goodies to complete the experience!

LAVENDER BOX - 8 oz. Bath Soak, 4 oz. Nostalgia candle, 4 oz. Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub, 1 oz. Lavender Vanilla Body Oil

ROSE BOX - 8 oz. Bath Soak, 4 oz. Delightful candle, 4 oz. Rose Coconut Scrub, 1 oz. Rose Vanilla Body Oil

ULTIMATE LOVE - 8 oz. Bath Soak, 4 oz. Ultimate Love candle, 4 oz. Ultimate Love Scrub, 1 oz. Ultimate Love Body Oil

HyperFem Deluxe Wellness Box

$60.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price